Heavily influenced by the Chinese and Korean, pottery is one of the oldest art forms in Japan. Pottery, porcelain, earthenware and stoneware dates back to the Neolithic period or New Stone Age.

Different parts of the country are famous for certain styles of the craft.


Imari Japanese Ceramics

The town of Arita, in the former Hizen Province of Japan, is where Imari pottery originated and is still made to...


Mishima Japanese Ceramics

Most styles of Japanes pottery are named solely after the city or area that they are made. However, Mishima is...


Raku Pottery

Dating back to 1580 when it was first thought to have been produced by the potter Chojiro, Raku pottery is...


Bizen Japanese Ceramics

Bizen is the oldest style of pottery made in Japan. It originated in the village of Imbe in the old...


Tokoname Japanese Ceramics

Named after the City of Tokoname, which is one of The Six Ancient Kilns of Japan, Tokoname pottery dates back...